>>> Website of Petteri Nevavuori
>>> v. 2.0


Here's personal information about me. As a nerd that I am, I'd like to first introduce me in Python syntax:

class PetteriNevavuori(Person):
This is the high-level definition of me as Python class declaration.

def __init__(self):
  # Names
  self.firstnames = ['Petteri','Uolevi']
  self.lastnames = ['Ranta','Nevavuori']
  self.birth_year = 1989

  # Person
  self.personality = [
    'Easily laughing',
  self.is_religious = True
  self.belief = {
    'description':'Follower of Jesus'

  # Family
  self.has_family = True
  self.family_members = {
        'Perfect match'

  # Misc
  self.hobbies = [
    'Gaming','Tenor Sax',
    'Music programming',

Above in human-friendly language

While it isn't the first thing in the definitions of me, I really am a follower of Jesus. While the subject could easily be taken for a longer ride, in concise terms my life was thoroughly changed the beginning months of 2011. During the time I was franticly searching after truth and love, albeit my methods weren't the most positive ones. But then in a certain occasion I had no other options left than to ask help from Jesus, "if You really exist". My plea was heard and answered and eventually I decided to start following Him with my life. Ever since I've had totally opposite desires within me, which people close to me can also verify.

I also value my family high. My wife is the second best thing that has happened to me after the one already discussed. We've grown to be our best companions and supporters. With our two daughters we've also learned a lot more about ourselves and each other. Heli, you're beautiful and I love you.

I've enjoyed reading almost all of my life. Fantasy and sci-fi (Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy especially) are my favourite genres with fiction. For non-fiction, I really enjoy reading books about theological subjects and ones even tangentially related to it.

During the course of several past years I've also learned to make music with computer in addition to playing it instrumentally. While the relationship to the subject is bursty to say the least, music and making or playing it plays a pivotal role in my life.

So this is me, in a class declaration and a verbose description.